As we celebrate
the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we must remember He is the
original reason for the season. Unless we maintain intimacy through the Holy
Spirit, our focus can gravitate toward materialism and making sure that we have
only “Happy Holidays.”

We are blessed to live in
America and most of us will receive what we “want” (within reason) on our
Christmas gift list this year. Most of these gifts will have a short shelf life
compared to a lifetime of being significant.

I want to list some gifts
that if given with love and genuine sacrifice will have significance to others
for a lifetime and then become your legacy:

1. Time – We give the sacrifice of time to that which we value. Time is one of our most valued commodities.
Fellowship with the Lord and our families must be the priorities of our gift of
time. [Matthew
] It makes our lives significant!

2. Talent (Skills) – These are gifts from our Lord and Savior primarily
to give Him glory and to benefit others. We can all tithe our talents and
skills into the poor, the elderly, and the down & out, and the needy to be
obedient and significant!. [Matthew

3. Treasury – God wants His children to prosper to receive a
blessing and to be a blessing. It is more of a blessing to give than to
receive. [Acts
]  As we are faithful to do
our part in giving, God will continue to provide. Money can only have a stronghold
on the man who has a strong hold on his money. By letting it flow through
we become significant! [Proverbs

4. Prayers of Intercession – Intercessory prayer is all about others. [Philippians
] We “stand in the gap” with compassion for the lost and the
hurting. [Ezekiel
] Many of the incarcerated that we minister to today are still
alive and attending Chapel services because of a praying mom or a grandmother
who chose to walk by faith and not by sight. [2
Cor. 5:7
] Your prayers of intercession can bring many into the Kingdom
of God or strengthen a fellow believer under attack. They will never forget
you. Your gift will be significant!

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