As recipients of the 2006 Criminal Justice Volunteer Religious Service Award, Ron Brigmon and his wife Katie use humor, music, in-depth biblical knowledge, and a heart for those in the prison system to minister to inmates at Texas prisons, jails, and treatment centers through their 501 (c)(3) non-profit ministry, Ron Brigmon Ministries. They have been involved with prison ministry since 1981. Ron is currently a Volunteer Chaplain at the Bartlett State Jail, the Williamson County Jail, and the Travis County Jail.

For Ron, what began as ‘casual volunteerism’ at a federal prison camp in Texarkana blossomed into a full-fledged prison ministry based in Georgetown, Texas. Real estate agent by day, Katie Brigmon also visits multiple correctional facilities each week.¬†Together, they lead Bible studies, church services, and one-on-one visits.

Affectionately known as “Rappin’ Ron,” the gray haired Ron breaks the ice with inmates by “breaking it down.” For example:

I’ve come to inspire
To bring forth desire
To set you on fire
For the Word to acquire

Most inmates, caught off-guard by the gray-haired rapper, laugh, and that small moment allows Ron to speak to them on a much deeper level.

In addition to his phat rhyming skillz, Ron, a former high school band director, is also quite talented with a clarinet or a saxophone.

[ The above article was summarized from this newspaper article in the Williamson County Sun. ]

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